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“I want to thank you all so very much for helping to care for her as well as she was cared for. I have to say I had an amazing team on both sides of the coin. I am so very grateful for you all! You all have become very important people to me. Family is not bound by blood! You all are family to me! In loving memory of my Grammy, & with lots of love always for my extended family.”

– Tammy R.

Linda Rantanen Testimonial

“So sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I was not feeling well. I was not feeling well and I am in the mend, and I have great news! Mom is great and Tara is a God send!! I spent the day with mom yesterday and it was the best I have seen her since dad passed, I was absolutely amazed! She was light hearted and in a wonderful mood. She was telling me all that Tara and she have been doing and how easy things are starting to come to her now. Tara is a perfect match for mom. God Bless you and all the you do! I am forever in your debt!
Sending much love and appreciation for all you do.”

– Jeanette

Renee - AIPHC Testimonial

“Dear Friends,
Thank you for your service.  Ed passed away on October 15th.  His last months were made easier for both of us by your service.  I especially thank you for Christine and the last Sunday getting Jennifer to us.  God bless you all!”


Anita - AIPHC Testimonial

“My family and I were looking for help in dealing with our aging parents and didn’t know where to turn.  A friend referred me to Age in Place.  Ken could not have been more kind and helpful.  They were there to help and guide us through a very stressful time and I will forever be grateful for that.”


Darlenys - AIPHC Testimonial

“I just wanted to give a praise for Elaine’s aide, Trish! She is so amazing!  She has helped Elaine in so many ways!  She’s very good to her and is very diligent and patient with Elaine.  I would like to thank you for setting up such a great match!  I know Elaine appreciates everything Trish does for her as well!”


Pat - AIPHC Testimonial

“It’s been a pleasure dealing with your staff.  As far as Latoya, my mother-in-law has nothing but good things to say about Latoya.  Consistent and takes good care of her.”


Heather - AIPHC Testimonial

“I was very impressed with the care and professionalism of this agency.  My mother was in a home hospice car situation.  Jessica stayed with my mom and me the first day.  She stayed by mom’s side the whole time she was here.  She was very sweet and I appreciated her attentiveness to my mom’s every need.  Mikayla was with us the second day.  She also stayed by my mom’s side for her entire shift.  Not only did she comfort mom, she comforted me as well.  It was nice to be able to leave the house for a couple of hours during the day and know that my mom was in good hands.  Both girls were great and I’d like them to know it meant a lot to me to have them there.  It was a very stressful few days and it was reassuring that I wasn’t dealing with the situation alone.  Thank you.”


Rick - AIPHC Testimonial

“First off, let me start out my thanking you for the exceptional service that Age in Place Home Care had provided my grandmother. From day 1 the service was above and beyond what we had expected.  My grandmothers situation rapidly changed and a live in nurse was needed immediately.  We contacted other agencies who were not able to acommodate her needs and could not have someone in her home for at least a few days.  We then got a hold of Age in Place Home Care and spoke with Ken.  Ken realized the situation and immediately worked on having someone out to her home the next morning.  And that is exactly what happened.  A compassionate, fantastic caregiver by the name of Nadia came to my grandmothers the next day and jumped right into everything.  Although Nadia’s stay was short, due to my grandmother passing, her compassion, understanding, and willingness to help out in any way had exceeded our expectations and then some.  My family and I all greatly recommend Age in Place Home Care.  They are an agency who employs caring and hard-working individuals that you can place 100% of your trust in.  Thank you all again for the tremendous care that was given to my grandmother.”


Dale Ann - AIPHC Testimonial

“Dear Ken & Staff,
Thank you for the card and kind comments.  Dad had so many ups and downs and at the end, he left us so quickly.  We are so sad!  I appreciate all you have done over the years to allow dad and mom to spend their last times at home.  You truly help people.”

-Dale, Ann, & family

Kerry - AIPHC Testimonial

“Hello Angela and Laura, I want to thank you both for the coverage and care for Karen last week while we enjoyed a much needed vacation to Mexico.  When we returned at 11pm on Saturday evening you would have thought that Karen was away at an All inclusive resort swimming, eating, and of course drinking those fruity cocktails.  She was so happy and excited we talked for an hour about her week and all of the fun she had with JoAnn, Susa, and Nicolete.  They did a wonderful job and deserve so much credit for what they did.  PLEASE tell them about this message and how all of their efforts were appreciated by Sheree and I.  The hours in the middle of the night worked well as Karen did not have an accident all week.  Again my sincere thanks to both of you for your help and making this happen and to Age in Place for their wonderful staff and for how much they love and care for Karen.”

-Sheree and Kerry

Lee - AIPHC Testimonial

“Thank you so much for the time you took to visit us in Reading PA and also I want to thank you for sending Leslie.  She was the most wonderful person I have met thru the last 6 months of Dick’s life.  She came the very first day and went right to it never had to tell her what to do or anything to do.  She is the most kind hearted person I’ve meet.  We actually told her she was family, and we have become great friends.  I’ll never forget the day she had the mix up with her day and when she was called she even walked to our house from Reading which was well over 7 miles.  PLease feel free if ever needed you may offer my email for future clients about Leslie, and again she’s wonderful.  Also, you run a great ship.”

-Lee & Cindy

KH - AIPHC Testimonial

“I wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with the caregivers today for R. F.  They both seem like they will be a great fit for her.  They arrived early and were both there to introduce themselves.  It was a bonus that Erika speaks German as my client is German.  What are the odds?  Just wanted to let you know that it went well and thank you for diligently filing the case.”


AIPHC - Lori Testimonial

“Age in Place has been terrific to deal with.  Very responsive and spent time meeting my father and letting us know they really cared.  They listened to my needs and provided what we needed in a timely manner.

We have 2 aides that alternate giving 24 hour care.

Eric is outgoing and upbeat.  He always makes my dad laugh and will sing to him and inspire him to keep going.  My Dad really loves talking to Eric one on one.  I do recommend Eric highly.  He is very responsive to what you ask him to do and you should not hesitate to tell if you want something done a certain way.  Very respectful to all of our family which was important since he lived here 4 nights a week.

Ansu is very sweet and is very gentle and kind with my Dad.  He always asks him if he is ok and asks if he needs anything.  He is quiet and shy at times, but I believe that is because he is a live in aide and doesn’t want to impose on our family time.  He is willing to do the hard work and often tells us to sit down and he will handle things.  We are very hands on with my Dad and often did the aide’s job because we wanted to be with Dad, but Ansu is always right there doing everything he can.  Both aides sleep with a monitor in their room and if my Dad makes a peep, they are out there right away.”


AIPHC - Tom Kelly

“Teri has been great!  My mom and dad both really like her. It’s the first aide they both like.  She treats both my parents with respect and is especially good at interacting with my dad who has dementia.  He is extremely hard of hearing and it is difficult to talk to him, but Teri manages to talk to him and keep him engaged.  My mom says Teri does little things without even being asked such as bring in the mail and bring the trashcan back.  Age in Place has been great to deal with.  They are extremely responsive any time I reach out with a question; and they will also initiate communication to check on how everything is going which is awesome!  DUring the initial consultation/assessment a nurse came out to assess my dad and then came out again a few weeks later to check in and see how my dad was doing and how things were working out.  My mom was impressed by this!”

-Tom & Kelly

“I would like to write a letter of recommendation about Age in Place Homecare.  I am a daughter of parents in their eighties.  Therefore, I did the legwork to find homecare for my mother after a 2 week stay in the hospital and rehabilitation center.  I had done some research on the internet and found Age in Place as a viable option for the location of Hamburg, PA.  I found it a few weeks prior to her hospital stay.  The list that I was given by the Reading Hospital Rehab Center did not have Age in Place on it.  After no success with the list I was given at Rehab, I called Age in Place.

There were two reasons that I chose Age in Place.  First, they service Hamburg without requiring a minimum of hours per week.  Second, they service four counties.  This means they are large enough to meet our unique needs of only two hours a day for an unknown time frame and to also be sensitive to the needs of mom’s dementia.  Yet they are small enough for personal service.  I could easily contact the Hamburg office or even Ken Kristopovich by phone with questions.

After a phone call, Ken came to visit my parents’ home in a very timely manner.  Ken met my parents, assessed my mother’s specific needs, discussed what we were looking for, and matched us with a very capable caretaker to help us out.  We were only sure of our immediate situation which was to hopefully help mom recover to her previous normal state.  We didn’t know whether this would be long or short term, but Ken helped us get the assistance we needed.

He sent Cindy to my parents’ home.  My parents love Cindy.  She was a perfect match for our needs.  She helped my mother with personal needs for 5 mornings a week.  She also sparked a lot of interest in my mother to help with her dementia.  She is very energized and helped mom recover.  It was a help for my Dad who is very busy trying to take care of things in the home and with mom.  After about 6 weeks of having Cinty, she will be moving on to another home.  We can’t say enough good about Cindy’s help in mom’s recovery.  It was a very good experience!

We will first consider Age in Place for any future homecare needs.”