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We are committed to assisting seniors who prefer to stay at home where their quality of life is enhanced without the stress and hardships of interrupted routines and changes in daily habits

Are You Ready for Your ``Care-Years?``

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Our “care-years” is a time in our lives when we need a combination of support services so we can live as independently as possible. Are you ready?

I know that my retirement years consist of 2 parts: the well-deserved, relaxing, independent years and the changing health, increased dependency care years—and I have an understanding of the needs of both stages.

I have a good grasp of my financial, legal, and insurance affairs. I feel confident that all my necessary documents are up-to-date and in order.

I have made my end-of-life wishes known (e.g., written a will and discussed services with a family member).

I feel confident that I have a good retirement plan in place because it takes into consideration the financial impact from my changing health needs.

I know at least one government agency in my community with the responsibility for seniors’ health needs and I am aware of one of the programs offered through that department.

I know what to look for and how to elder-safe my home (inside and out) in order to reduce potential accidents.

I understand the medications I am taking and I have asked about many of the possible side effects related to those medications and the signs to watch for.

I know what to do during health emergencies and I am familiar with some of our local hospital’s special resources for seniors.

I am aware of some of the subtle signs of dementia to watch for in my family members (e.g., the need for routines)

I am aware of the various care-programs in my community (e.g., at-home services, rehabilitation services, nursing services, adult daycare options, assisted living complexes) and know how to request these

I understand many of the costs associated with the care-years (e.g., at-home services, therapy costs, medications, cleaning services, special equipment…) and realize that there is now a special insurance policy available to help me cover certain care costs when needed

I am confident that there will be ‘few surprises’ for my family to contend with during my senior years because my house is in order